How to access Netflix for free without an account

If you’re a movie lover, you’ll agree that Netflix is platform you need to sign up. You’ll be able to view your favorite movies, TV shows in real time. But there are challenges when it comes to paying monthly subscription which is $8.89. This amount to some is affordable while to others it’s just extreme. That aside, there are several ways you can overcome this barrier, access Netflix for free without a valid credit card and enjoy your favorite movies. Here’s how;

Use Debit Cards

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A good deal of free Netflix accounts are present as of late

You can easily use a debit card instead of a credit card. There is this misconception that debit cards are same as prepaid cards that are issued with banking institutions or gift cards. Actually this is not the case because there are major differences which have made Netflix to consider the use of debit cards as safe and convenient. On contrary prepaid cards or any other gifts cards come with a risk of not having enough cash when the payment is due.


how long is netflix free trial
Plenty of free Netflix accounts are present in these days

Nowadays paypal is one of the the most popular method of payment that is being used around the globe because of its flexibility. You can start paying Netflix through paypal if you’re not comfortable to share your credit card number and banking information. It’s a simple process to sign up for a paypal account. After signing up you simply link your paypal account to credit/debit card of your choice or any bank account of your choice in order to complete your financial transactions online (including payment on Netflix).

Fake Credit Card Numbers

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A good deal of persons are thinking of getting a free Netflix account

There are several online sites where you can get bogus credit card numbers and use them to create free Netflix account. There is another alternative of using an Android app known as CardGen. All these methods work yes but they’re not guaranteed. Success rate of these methods stands at 50%.

Netflix Gift Cards

how long is netflix free trial
Fresh free Netflix accounts are invented each day

While you might be using other gift cards which might not be valid, Netflix cards can do you fine. Are you wondering where you can get your Netflix Gift Card? You can simply buy one from Netflix official page or on major online stores like eBay and Amazon. But you can also Google and you’ll be presented with sources where you can get Netflix gift cards.

Share Netflix Accounts

Sharing your friend or relative Netflix account is also another alternative to access free Netflix account. The best part is that Netflix allows up to five different profiles to be linked to very same account. This can work perfectly among family members (large family) or among good friends who are really devoted to each other/genuine. You can even agree to share Netflix monthly bills with the one whom you’ve shared the account with. In this case, you’ll have the opportunity to access Netflix for free without the use of credit card.

So you can see the different approaches you can use to get on Netflix. Be sure to read through the guidelines and weigh the pros and cons of each method. I believe you’ll be able to keep your credit card safe as you’ll figure out the best method you’ll use to access Netflix.